07 February 2009

Don't You Just Love it When...

Dont you just love it when....

1. You can smile at stranger's on the street and then they say "hey...um, give me your number!"

2. A friend calls you just at the moment you're feeling kinda lonely.

3. The sun shines and there's the smell of fresh cut grass...

4. There's a gorgeous sunset just down the way, and you're running and thanking God you're alive to see it (this is mainly a West Texas thing, I think...since I've never seen the sunset here in NY)

5. A stranger smiles at you on the subway

6. You are sitting in Barnes and Noble, reading two poets' letters to each other, and you just happen to sit next to someone else reading the SAME BOOK!

7. You buy the person behind you their Starbucks drink, just because.

8. Someone writes you a hand-written letter and it comes in the mail on a day that things just weren't going right...and it makes you smile.

9. You get to have a nice bottle of wine with good friends

10. You get sick, but it's not the getting sick that is the good part, it's the getting better that is great, because it makes you realize how good you have it to feel better!

11. You create something beautiful, and it comes out like a soft rolling sound...like you're in love with the world and can't wait to tell it so.

12. You finally forgive someone, and release your hidden pain.

13. You wake up laughing (my God, that's the greatest feeling in the world!)

14. There's a night in with friends...and you get to play Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog and it makes you feel like a kid again...and there's beer and it tastes really good!

15. You get to travel, and the world astonishes you.

16. You spend a couple minutes in front of a painting, and you find yourself moved to tears

17. When there's a brilliant movie on, and when it's over, you're completely silent because you're blown away by it's sheer awesomeness.

18. The smell of coffee in the morning.

19. Your mom's homemade lasagna (My mom's is fantastic)

20. When someone kisses you for the first time, and you feel tingles all over.

...you realize you have so much to be grateful for...

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ComePassion said...

Number 10, like no other. Number 19, eh, she's not such a great cook, but she has other good qualities.