11 February 2009

Library Triangle, Page 83

In the library. At a desk with girl in blue boat. She has a nose-ring. Hair in a bob and pink sweater.Took off blue coat.

Man at a table behind her reading a book, biting nails, wearing swiss amry watch. Pearl snap shirt, he flicks the light on—high, low, high, low.

Girl with nose-ring types on Mac.

Her Mac looks at my Mac. Hers: white, mine: silver.

She touches her face, around the mouth.

Army watch chews his nails in time with her, both touching mouths at the same time. Now, drumming finger-tips. Smooth circle with index finger.

A girl diagonal army watch reading Count of Monte Cristo.

All girls touch their hair in the library.

Cristo's hair is a dark drape. Cannot see her eyes, just the book, hunched. Wearing all black. Rubbing eyes, combing hair.

Army watch biting his nails, petting lamp.

Girl with nose ring covers her mouth. Lips and fingertips, hiding a deck of cards, which are her teeth.

Monte Cristo pushes hair-drape aside.

Army watch keeps touching the lamp, high, low, high, low.

Monte Cristo is wearing skinny jeans, got up to get a magazine, New York Times.

They make a triangle: Nose-Ring, Army-Watch, Cristo.

Nose-Ring takes out library card. Walks to copy machine, not touching her face.

Army-Watch rubbing eyes, not touching the lamp, has tortoise-shell glasses, twirls them.

Monte Crito lies open to page 83, abandoned.

Three makes a triangle, though Nose-Ring is still at copy machine.

Army-Watch put down glasses, fingers pages. Has to be touching something, like girls who cannot let go of hair.

Woman in her 40’s sits down.

Triangle messed up.

Nose-Ring is back. Library card on top of her journal. She’s wearing pink, not hiding a deck of cards.

Monte Cristo open to 83.

No triangle, or three, because woman in her 40’s sat down.

Mac laptop. Everyone has one.

Cristo is leaving, black coat on.

Took Monte Cristo, abandoned New York Times.

Army-Watch put glasses on, fingering pages, took glasses off.

No more triangle. More a line. Page 83, gone.

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ComePassion said...

I used to order them Monte Cristos at the diner. Turkey, ham, and syrup on French toast. Oh, man, beautiful. Who would've thought someone would write a book about a sandwich.