15 April 2009

Good Morning, Morning

I woke up this morning.

Read in a book "today is a good day to die, because it's here. I'm here. Now let go."

Let go.

Of the idea that the ego rests in accomplishment,

Of how small we are, in this world,

But how our spirits are, in fact, the whole universe.

I love your shell, he said.

And everytime he says that, I smile,

because I told him, once, that I read a meditation about how the body is simply a shell,

And when we pass through, our Easter eggs break open,

On into a lighter place,

where a cell is a galaxy,

and atoms are light years apart.

In me, a galaxy, I said, as I woke up, dreaming

about a horn through the skull.

Good morning, I said, to the morning,

teach me this is all that is promised to me.

So, I let go into the current, walked out the door.

If I see you, how my chest wants to sing, to embrace you and say,

We're here!

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