03 April 2009

Jackals Behind Tongues

What do you want me to do for you?
Let me see again.
Receive your sight; your faith has saved you.

Let me see again, undoings, undone like last night falling into Your hands.

If I stand here until my feet check sensation,

if I told love to hide its face

if I crawled toward a door into darkness

if I hid in the dark until undoings were doing

their weight into my hair

could there be an ocean again,

again, in my hand, would there be writing

and when I held him closer than other nights

before, when I said to You in the dark,

on the side, unnoticed by love, bring us undone

here in the middle, let this feel broken,

let each touch burn a new word.

When we claimed to be gods, but didn't know we were

calling, was there an ocean, then, in between us

when I tugged eyelids, did this

undo enough to be Your undoing?

If I left, knelt, kept things close to my side...

Let our bodies be light, prayer-

bodies, undone.

We undo darkness, arms, each other,

haunting jackals, for eyes behind eyes

hurt behind pleasure-flowers under tongues.

Is love an instrument to play against Your ear

because when I knelt for him I felt undoing, singing,

though he knows nothing, nothing of being a god.

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