16 June 2009

from: M-theory and Other Such Tales

10. Knots:

tie one sailor to another--
see this field? all points merge
without ever touching, he said.
I think: so if my heart
is comprised of five orgasms
that never happened, the thought
of it happening, once, could
create quakes separate
from itself? a whole
universe of pigeons in flight,
carrying messages between
the trenches, in this field,
however small, there is no count
for size-- what is there but
one moment, then the next,
and besides, perhaps we
already loved one another
long before continental drifts,
time's hallows sunk your eyes, or
we sat down to breakfast.

1 comment:

Gerry Boyd said...

Not sure what I like more here, the poetry or the intellectual complexity. Or both I guess. I like how you've used the series of images to convey the mystery of the disconnectedness of time (or its illusory nature.) It is, after all, all happening at once. And the last line invoking the now, nice. Bravo!