04 June 2009

Thought Diary, cont.

31 May 2009:

3:19 PM:

It is up to us to actualize the divine potential in the world.

3:20 PM:

Morning passages begins.

3:25 PM:

Waiting for train,

3:27 PM:

Too much movement to jump,
to stop, step out of the swirl.
In one breath,
thousands of unrealized poems.

3:33 PM:

Kabbalah confirms this thought,
since I was a child.

3:37 PM:

On train; “Something She Has to Do.”

3:38 PM:

One fly in the bathroom lantern,
golden belly-globe, body
against the side of my ear drum, stuck.

3:45 PM:

In a trance by passing trees.
How glitter is made
between branches, drunk
swimming my eyelid.

3:47 PM:

Now, graveyard passes
train tracks. Bones
clink, steel boards.

June 1, 2009:

2:56 PM:

Union Square subway station:
woman with a pamphlet under her arm:
What Happens After Death, a scientific perspective.

2:57 PM:

Women handing out pamphlets:
We believe prayer changes things.

7:00 PM:

“...and verily, it is not truth that rules the world, but illusions." --Kierkegaard

June 2, 2009:

11:25 AM:

train running 75 minutes late;
someone had the waves take them
over, jumped--between
the grind and the breeze.

12:52 PM:

Oblivion--"Happy is one
whose eyes shine
from this secret in the world
and the world that is coming." Emerson

1:02 PM:

The node of being as it begins to emerge
from nothingness into existence is called faith.

4:04 PM:

Confessions, cellos,
jumping into the above
begins in terror, at the tip, terror.
Pencil skirts make it harder
to concentrate on the task of dissolving completely
apart from materials
such as dodge trucks and fundraising events,
begins with the thought:
each realm loses credibility.

4:10 PM:

D Minor Trio warm up.
Life whirls into a strangeness
unrecognizable but so much at home;
the lifting is home,
the swirling is the doorstep,
that essential beginning,
traces of original threatened joy,
disalarmed by what will come,
continue coming.

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